Businesses in Texas that serve food and drinks, like restaurants and bars, have to have a TABC permit permit in order to legally serve alcohol in their establishment. Serving alcohol is a big responsibility, because of the way it can affect people who overindulge. That’s why the permit process in Texas is very complicated, as the local authorities want to be sure that any business that serves alcohol is ready to take on all the responsibilities that come with serving.

The Business Side of The Permit Process

For a cafe or bar owner, having a permit to serve alcohol in place on the day the business opens is a very important issue. The money that can be made from serving alcohol in a restaurant is significant, and restaurants that don’t serve any alcohol can lose a lot of customers, which is why having that permit in place on time for opening day is so crucial. Still, the permitting process in Texas is very complex, and it can take up to six months to have a permit put in place. The laws regarding all the paperwork are very complicated, and each city in Texas has a different set of rules, adding to the complexity. Dealing with all of this paperwork is a very complex process, and it must be done during the period before a business opens, which is when a business owner has many other responsibilities to deal with.

Professional Permitting Consultants

Due to the extreme complexity of dealing with the alcohol permit process, many business owners opt to use consulting agencies to get the permits in place. These agencies are specially geared to deal with the government agencies involved in permitting, and they know what to do, when. Some of these agencies can get the permits okayed and in place in a fraction of the time it can take a business owner, but they still recommend retaining their services about three months in advance of the opening date of a cafe.

Why go through the hassle and the time of trying to get an alcohol permit, when you need to get your new cafe up and running? Check out all that a professional permit consultant can offer as far as getting a permit quickly. Your time is valuable, so spend it wisely, and let the consultants take over.…