Finance Property PJSC, UAE

Business FinanceThe MSc Business Finance degree specialises in the theory and practice of business finance, one of the most common sectors in monetary services. To perform any financial activity, we require specific sources, which are to be pooled in terms of revenue (i.e. in the type of currency notes, other valuables, etc.). Finance is a prerequisite for obtaining physical sources, which are needed to carry out productive activities and carrying enterprise operations such as sales, spend compensations, reserve for contingencies (unascertained liabilities) and so on.

Just as the finance department will generate forecasts and budgets a marketing department will prepare a marketing strategy which forecasts sales and far more importantly acts as the blueprint of how a corporation will entice shoppers to acquire a firm’s products and services.

The degree can also be utilised as the basis for postgraduate study in the region of finance and basic enterprise management for instance the Enterprise College has a MSc in Finance and Accounting which dovetails in with the knowledge and capabilities obtained on this programme.

For example, the economic function of accounting requirements, provisions and contingent liabilities, business combination, accounting for executive share options, financial instruments, pension accounting, and recent accounting topics in academic investigation e.g. accounting conservatism and accounting facts atmosphere.

Students will achieve practical experience not only in the mechanics of regression evaluation (typically by suggests of a statistical computer software package) but also in deciding on suitable models, picking inferential methods to answer a particular question, interpreting final results, and diagnosing challenges.

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